Ginger Zest Dry Spice Rub/Seasoning Blend


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A unique blend of pungent ginger, aromatic lemon and lime zest, and rich warm spices give this seasoning an original, Asian-inspired flair that marries well with the rich, toasted oak flavors of a barrel-aged chardonnay wine. Try this blend rubbed on fish or chicken, sprinkled on grilled or sauteed vegetables, or as a seasoning for a rich or exotic crab dip (recipe included on neck card). It is also excellent as a flavor enhancer for rich, warm soups such as a creamy butternut squash soup and it works well with steamed or sauteed spinach in sesame oil.

Recommended wine: Barrel-aged California chardonnay. We prefer a match with one that has not undergone malolactic fermentation, but either style (ML or non-ML) of barrel-aged chardonnay works well with this blend.