Mideast-West Dry Spice Rub and Seasoning


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We call this our "Persian Fusion" blend, marrying the distinctive and exotic flavors of the Middle East with the warm, rich and spicy flavors of a traditional Mexican mole. The result is a unique, unforgettable flavor that brings your foods to life while perfectly complementing the rich fruit and spicy flavors of a shiraz or full bodied syrah wine. Rub this blend onto lamb or chicken before roasting, grilling or pan-searing (recipe on neck card). Add to tomato-based soups and stews for mouth-watering new flavors. Excellent as a seasoning for grilled or roasted vegetables, especially eggplant, summer squashes, onions and every kind of mushroom. Sprinkle over couscous or add to your rice pilaf. Add to hummus for an outstanding new twist on this favorite dip. We add a touch of black tea to our blend to align the flavors of foods to the tannins in the wine. In addition, we use high-quality cocoa, lemon and orange zest, and a touch of spiciness to bring out the ripe fruit and peppery flavors so characteristic of this style of wine.

Recommended wine: California or Australian spicy shiraz, syrah or fruit-rich, spice Rhone wine.