Smoky Tomato BBQ Spice Blend


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This spicy, full-flavored BBQ blend wakes up the very best flavors in grilled or barbecued meats and poultry, and stands up well to the big, bold characteristics of a California zinfandel wine. We add a smoky black tea to our blend, which not only brings an interesting mouth-watering flavor to meats and poultry, but also provides a successful bridge to the abundant tannins found in zinfandel. This blend is excellent rubbed into meats and poultry before cooking, used as a seasoning in ground beef, or sprinkled on vegetables, eggs, in soups, stews, beans, even on popcorn. Our favorite use of this blend is as the primary flavor base for barbeque sauce (recipe included on neck card), especially when used on ribs. While most barbecue sauces are either too sweet or too spicy to make a good match between food and wine, ours brings a perfect balance to the classic barbecue and zinfandel experience.

Recommended wine: Medium to full-bodied spicy California zinfandel.